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Bus for Schools

Many reputed schools in Mumbai use our buses for their daily needs. We provide different types of buses with seating ranging from 17 to 59 seats as per your custom requirement. We can customize the look of the bus to show the name and logo of your school. Whatever be your rental bus requirement - for daily pickup and dropping of students or educational trips or excursions, we have a solution for you.

The safety and security of students is of utmost value for us and, therefore, we are committed to the best safety standards available in bus transport industry. We maintain our buses very well and, as a result of it, our buses are travel-fit all the time.

Schools can hire the buses on yearly or monthly contracts.

Advantages of schools

  • You get customized bus with a look and feel of the school.
  • You are free from the worries associated with bus maintenance.
  • Our expertise and experience accumulated over thirty years come handy for you and you get hassle-free buses operated on time by our disciplined and diligent employees.

Bus Features

  • Well maintained buses
  • Neat & Clean interiors