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Bus for Corporates

We have been providing contractual buses to corporate clients in Mumbai for over 3 decades and have a good clientele across Mumbai metro city. Our yearly contracted rental bus services cater to daily pick-up and drop of employees in various companies situated in different parts of Mumbai metro city. We are proud that a good ‘whos is who’ of IT companies, BPO/ KPO, Manufacturing Industries in Mumbai outsource their daily travelling needs to us and we execute it with utmost care and dedication.

We provide different types of buses with seating ranging from 17 to 59 seats as per your custom requirement. Whatever be your rental bus requirement - for daily commute of employees or travels related to work, training, pleasure, corporate parties or award shows - you can expect us to take you to the destination comfortably and safely on time every time.

The safety and security of our passengers is of utmost value for us and, therefore, we are committed to the best safety standards available in bus transport industry. We maintain our buses very well and as a result of it our buses are travel-fit all the time.

A company can hire the buses based on yearly, monthly or daily requirements.

Advantages of corporate employee

  • On-time login and logout.
  • Production time starts when an employee boards the bus as they can discuss about the task to be executed in an informal ambience.
  • Take rest in the vehicle while travelling.
  • No tension about the to and fro trip and concentrate on work.
  • Travel-time is considerably saved.
  • Have joyous trip with co employees daily so that a bond is developed within the organization.